How did this all begin??

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2016 Guest Paddler

Jaime Lemus

2016 Road Crew

Diana Perez

Joe and Peggy Plumadore

2016 Junior Castaways

About The Castaways

The Castaways are a diverse group from all walks of life. Our team is made up of teachers, a firefighter, community leaders, stay-at-home dads, geophysical scientists, logistics experts, a financial executive, a lawyer, and celebrity wildlife experts. We live in various parts of Florida, Mississippi and Georgia. Most have roots in South Florida, but all have come together for a common goal.

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CRN Flotilla of the Northern Territories


In 2004, a meager team of six Castaways crashed ashore on Key West and was recognized for our efforts by Conch Republic Navy (CRN) by being inducted into their ranks. In 2011, the CRN realized that the team of misfits that invaded their waters each summer for over ten years was not giving up the fight and gave the Castaways the official designation of: Flotilla of the Northern Territories.


The Castaways are proud to be a part of the Conch Republic Navy. Our beliefs are the same in that despite adversity, you fight with all your heart, you honor those who stand up for what is right, and a little humor might just see you through it all.