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Craig Engler

  • Nickname:

    The Pylon King
  • Team Position:

    Team Scientific Advisor
  • Conch Republic Navy Rank:

    Lieutenant Commander
  • Years Paddled:

    2003-2005, 2007-2013
  • Age:

  • Family:

    Married for nine years to my wonderful wife Carolyn who keeps on the move. We have two daughters. Pets include Lizzy, the Leopard Gecko and Reo, an eight year old Springer Spaniel.
  • Where he's from:

    Born and raised in Miami, Florida; lived four years in Tallahassee, Florida. Since marriage we have lived in Miami; Newport, Rhode Island; Western Washington State and currently in Miami, Florida. Soon to be residents of Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • Education:

    Member of the first graduating class from the Maritime and Science Technology Academy (MAST), obtained a B.S. from Florida State University, some post-grad work.
  • Work:

    Stay-at-Home dad and logistics manager. Worked for ten years as Physical Scientist with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.
  • Influences:

    My parents taught me core values and principles. They introduced me to the travel. A great deal of international travel with NOAA opened my eyes, continued education helps me grow, family, friends and an amazing child teach me something new everyday.
  • Fun Facts:

    GO SEMINOLES! I am fan of old school Metallica. Hobbies including kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing and counting Pylons.
  • Essential CAC Gear:

    His Boat - CRN Sally II: a Current Designs 'Stratus 18'. My paddle: Connie, a full Carbon Werner 'Kalliste' Sea Kayak Paddle
  • Additional CAC Gear:

    Dr. Shade Sun Gloves, IPOD Shuffle, Starbucks DOUBLESHOT Espresso, Sunblock, cookies.
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    I was room mates with Chad Forbes for five years. At a Jimmy Buffett concert with Chad, Pat and Bob approached me about paddling. After a one over night paddle mission with Steve O'Brien and Bob Linfors I was on board.. The rest is history.
  • In his own words:

    "This is tougher than I ever imagined."

Craig in Stiltsville '06