Tire Iron

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Patrick Linfors

  • Nickname:

    Chin, Tire Iron, Pank
  • Team Position:

    Team Captain, Pontiff
  • Conch Republic Navy Rank:

    Commander, Castaways Flotilla of the Northern Territories
  • Years Paddled:

    Has participated in all tours and will continue to do so.
  • Age:

    This Pirate is now beyond 40.
  • Family:

    Awesome wife, Patty, and two amazing boys.
  • Where he's from:

    Miami, FLA. The 305. Spent nearly a decade outside Orlando and now resides in Jacksonville.
  • Education:

    CCHS. Go Explorers! Earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Florida International University. Go Golden Panthers ("FSSH FSSH!").
  • Work:

    COO for the North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Influences:

    Inspired by hard work, good storytelling and a hearty laugh.
  • Fun Facts:

    Has interviewed President Clinton, Steve Van Zandt and Cal Ripken Jr. Was tear-gassed in Little Havana the day Elian Gonzalez was removed. He's seen Jimmy Buffett in concert 18-times. Has short arms.
  • Essential CAC Gear:

    His Boat - CRN Banana Wind: a yellow Current Designs Solstice GTS, Werner paddle.
  • Additional CAC Gear:

    Shaft, gum, and tennis balls.
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    I lost OB's money at the track in 2000. Also, cancer stinks.
  • In his own words:

    "We're not doctors... but we can paddle."

Patrick Rocks the Viaduct