Pete in Key West 2009

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Pedro Almeida

  • Nickname:

    Pete, Recon
  • Team Position:

    Navigator / Search and Rescue Specialist
  • Conch Republic Navy Rank:

    Chief Warrant Officer, SOG (Special Operations Group)
  • Years Paddled:

  • Age:

  • Family:

    I've been married to my beautiful wife, Yamila, for 17 years (she deserves a huge award) and we have one son, Oscar, who's 10.
  • Where he's from:

    I was born in New York, NY, but I was raised in Miami since I was 3.
  • Education:

    Southwest Miami High; a couple of classes at Coastal Carolina Community College; Miami Dade Community; FIU; then, after a few years as a PT, I went back to MDCC for the Fire Academy and EMT School.
  • Work:

    I'm a Fireman (I got tired of the corporate world and left Physical Therapy for a more exciting job).
  • Influences:

  • Fun Facts:

    I build my own kayaks and paddles, I also custom build or modify much of my gear. I like kayaking, shooting, hang gliding, hiking camping, woodworking, and the list goes on. My favorite movie is probably Forrest Gump with The Shawshank Redemption a close second. I like country music, classic rock, and some newer rock.
  • Essential CAC Gear:

    His Boat - CRN Midnight Oil: my strip-built wooden kayak (nicknamed TARDIS by Jeff), and my paddle (nicknamed Excalibur by OB) are my two most essential pieces of gear; I built both from scratch.
  • Additional CAC Gear:

    GPS, compass, charts, tow line, rescue stirrup, safety gear, survival gear, tool kit, rudder cable replacement kit (for the other boats which all have rudders), and anchor.
  • How did you get involved with the CAC?:

    I read the trip report from the 2006 trip and thought, "That's something I'd like to do." So I got in touch with Bob and Steve and joined the team.
  • In his own words:

    "Make sure everyone else gets to shore, I'll go chase the tandem!" "If you capsize, stay calm, and make sure you hold on to your kayak and your paddle." "I'm not very politically correct, I'd rather speak the truth."

Pete Passing Bahia Honda