Have a question for the Castaways? Check here to see some of our most frequently asked questions!

How did this all begin?
  • It began as one man and a dream. A complete history of the Castaways and how it all began can be found here.
How far do you paddle each day?
    We paddle roughly 160 miles. That breaks down to:
    • Day 1 - 22.3
    • Day 2 - 27.0
    • Day 3 - 21.4
    • Day 4 - 26.1
    • Day 5 - 22.2
    • Day 6 - 20.6
    • Day 7 - 18.4
How long does that take?
  • It depends on the weather - if wind, waves and current are with us or against us. But our days run from seven to 14 hours on the water (with breaks, of course).
Do you sleep on the boat? / Where do you sleep?
  • At the end of the day we do stop on dry land. In the early years we would camp just about every night. Over the years we have acquired sponsors that have graciously donated hotel rooms for us to stay in at night. We currently only camp one night (on Elliott Key) and subsequent nights are all in hotels.
How do you prepare?
  • To prepare physically, many of the team spends a great deal of time on the water practicing our endurance. Some actually have gym memberships where they practice core and upper body workouts. But in the end, this trip is more mental than physical, so we listen to Bob Linfors lectures.
Do you have a chase boat?
  • No. Our crew does not depend on a chase boat for supplies or emergencies. We do, however, have a chase vehicle that follows us through the Keys. They travel ahead of the team and check in at our various destinations. They also pick up various items like water and sports drinks to replenish our supplies so we don't have to carry a week's worth of Gatorade and water.
How do you go to the bathroom?
  • Some things will just have to remain a mystery. For now we'll say... very carefully.
How far out to sea do you go?
  • Our route through the Keys takes us through back bays, channels and out into the Atlantic. The furthest we ever get from land is only a couple miles. However, on the first day of the trip we are actually five to ten miles from any help or civilization.
What type of kayaks do you have?
  • While the brands and styles differ (wood, polyethylene, fiberglass, and Kevlar), the team paddles open water closed cockpit touring kayaks (18' - 22' long).
What hurts the most?
  • Depends on the kayaker. Some say shoulders, some say lower backs, some say hands, but it is safe to say everything. Some days everything hurts.
How can I join you?
  • Quite possibly our most often asked question. It makes us very excited to have so many of you want to pick up a paddle and join us in our fight. Currently, we are not recruiting new Castaways as our team is made up of 15 active paddlers and we are limited to the number of people we can squeeze into hotel rooms. Additionally, there is a safety concern of keeping a team of 10+ kayakers together on the water. However... if you want to paddle with us during the week, we offer a few select spots where you can join us in our Castaway For A Day program.
Are you a non-profit?
  • The Castaways Against Cancer are not officially a 501(c)(3) organization. We are, in the simplest terms, a Relay For Life Team for the American Cancer Society Lower Keys Division.