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Exciting news from the 2016 team

We are honored to announce that on the heels of its 3rd-annual Media Excellence Awards, CCNN has selected the 2016 Castaways kayak adventure as its next documentary subject. Paddlers will be filmed and interviewed throughout the seven day, 160-mile journey. This project is part of a national competition, in which the winner will have its documentary aired in Times Square. We thank the students at Christopher Columbus High School (Miami-Dade County) for using this platform to help fight cancer! As they say in the news business, stay tuned.

2014 Trip Teaser Video

:: 18 December 2013 ::

Is it that time of year already? For your viewing pleasure, we present the latest and greatest in our full high definition video arsenal: CAC2014 - Don't Stop! It's a three-minute short featuring never-before-seen clips from the 2013 trip. Stop by our Videos page to see other CAC classics!

2013 - Don't Stop (HD)

Castaways Make National Rankings

:: 2 November 2013 ::

Our friends at the ACS Lower Keys have just informed us that the ACS has released the National Rankings. We are incredibly proud to announce that Lower Keys Relay has placed THIRD (updated) in the entire State of Florida! As if this news wasn't grand enough, we were informed that our team has earned the ranking of TENTH in the entire United States!! Our final tally raised for the ACS this year was: $112,314. We are deeply humbled by the support we received this year and look forward to doing better next year.

This could never have happened without the hundreds of people that support our cause and efforts. You are truly helping us make a difference in the fight against cancer!

The 2013 Trip Pictures - Online!

:: 20 October 2013 ::

We are pleased to release the 2013 Trip Pictures! You are invited to take a look at what happened on The Trip Around the Sun Tour.

The 2013 Pictures

The Trip Around the Sun Tour

2013 Mission Accomplished

:: 19 June 2013 ::

On Friday, June 14th, 2:25pm, the Castaways Against Cancer arrived on the shores of Key West after 160 miles and seven tough days of paddling. After a amazing fundraising year in 2012, the team raised the bar even further with a goal of $75,000. Just weeks before the 2013 trip began, our goal seemed difficult if not impossible to achieve. However, a first in Castaway history, the team surpassed that goal and broke all previous personal records by topping $100,000 before we had even launched from Virginia Key! When we landed in Key West, the tally had reached over $110,000 and the Castaways had become the first Lower Keys Relay team to reach the ACS' Purple Fundraising Level. Words cannot express our gratitude.

Another Castaways adventure has come to a close. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each of you who supported our team to a record fundraising year. We absolutely cannot do this without you.

Thank you, all!

2013 Launch & Landing Details

:: 6 June 2013 ::

Are you interested in meeting and watching the Castaways launch from Virginia Key? How about greeting the team on our arrival in Key West?! Well, here are the details and we hope you can make it... we really love our fans!


We will launch at 7:15am (Saturday, the 8th) from the bay side beach on Virginia Key adjacent to the Miami Seaquarium. To get there, take the Rickenbacker Causeway towards Key Biscayne. Once you are over the bridge, turn Right at the first traffic light. If you pass the Miami Seaquarium, you've gone too far!


We land in Key West at 2pm (Friday, the 14th) on Higgs Beach (Dog Park) just West of the White Street Pier.

Feel free to utilize our interactive Google Map of our entire 2013 course for details on where we paddle during the whole trip!

View Castaways Against Cancer 2013 in a larger map. Or Download the KML file for Google Earth!

Hope Floats NC - Temporary Lapse of Sanity

:: 20 April 2013 ::

Last year, a team of kayaks set off in the fight against cancer... but it was not in Florida. The team was Hope Floats NC, and with a similar epiphany to our own, Kim and Chris Tart wanted to make a difference. Since their inaugural trip last Spring, the "Floaters" have become good friends of the Castaways. Today, they launch on their Second Annual trip: The Temporary Lapse of Sanity Tour!

Their trip this year will take them from Raleigh to New Burn down the Neuse River, a nearly 200 mile trek in only seven days (shortened from nine days last year). For the first few days, Castaway Craig Engler will join the Floaters on their own turf.

We wish Hope Floats all the best in their honorable fight. As they will learn, no trip is the same, and nothing worth doing is easy. We can hardly wait to see what new things we will learn on our own trip in June...

Tragedy in Boston

:: 15 April 2013 ::

The Castaways are deeply saddened by the events in Boston where Krystle Campbell, L� Lingzi, and Martin Richard were killed, and nearly 300 others were injured.

Our own Castaway, Greg Trainor, was there to run in the 117th Boston Marathon for which he had been training since January. Thankfully, Greg completed the race an hour earlier and was not harmed in the explosions.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those lost, and our prayers are with those whose lives have been changed forever. And so we're clear on this... we're not saying we want the people responsible to burn in hell, it's just too bad that they will.

The Come Hell or High Water Tour Tripumentary

:: 11 April 2013 ::

We are excited to announce: the 2012 Castaways video for the Come Hell or High Water Tour is complete!

All are invited to stop by our Video page and enjoy if you have about 15 minutes to kill. Just a little inspiration to our good friends in Key West who are about to undertake the official Relay for Life, Lower Keys! Trust us, it's High Def, and pretty amazing. Enjoy!

Feel free to share the direct link with friends:

2013 Trip Teaser Video

:: 23 January 2013 ::

It's time to kickstart the fight against cancer! Team Webmaster, Jeff Croucher, has put together a short teaser video to promote The Trip Around the Sun Tour. Submitted for your approval, the latest and greatest in our high definition video arsenal: CAC2013 - Kickstart the Fight. It's a two-minute short featuring never-before-seen clips from the 2012 trip. Stop by our Videos page to see other CAC classics!

2013 - Teaser 5 - Kickstart the Fight (T14AST)


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