Eye Candy

In 2000, four guys paddled from Miami to Key West for the ACS. A handful of pictures were taken, and plenty of stories were born. But there is only so much you can understand from fuzzy pictures and possibly exaggerated stories.. not that we would exaggerate, of course. Finally, the veil has been lifted.

With the invention of waterproof digital cameras, the team was finally able to show the world what we do best. So much for, "what happens on the boat, stays on the boat"! We present the following short movies and teasers for you to enjoy.


Our "Tripumentaries" are full-length video documentaries of that year's adventure.

2015 - The East of Midnight Tour (HD)

2014 - The Don't Stop the Carnival Tour (HD)

2013 - The Trip Around the Sun Tour (HD)

2012 - Come Hell or High Water Tour (HD)

2011 - The Dirty Dozen Tour (HD)

2008 - The Whole Nine Yards Tour

2007 - The Die Another Day Tour

CAC Teasers

Our "Teasers" are short and sweet videos featuring quick clips of that year's journey.

2015 - Teaser 7 - Midnight (TE16MT)

2014 - Teaser 6 - Don't Stop (TDS15T)

2013 - Teaser 5 - Kickstart the Fight (T14AST)

2011 - Teaser 4 - TD12T

2010 - Teaser 3 - TBS10YT

2009 - Teaser 2 - TW9YT

2008 - Teaser 1 - TD8DT (the FIRST EVER Castaways video!)


The Castaways are honored to have been featured as pieces for the local news in Miami. Here are a few of those interviews.

2010 - Local10 News, Miami, Fl
"CAC Take Off To The Keys" with Kellie Butler

2009 - Channel 4 News, Miami, Fl
"Good4You" with Jorge Estevez

2008 - Channel 4 News, Miami, Fl
"1-on-1 with Steve O'Brien" with Jade Alexander

2004 - Channel 4 News, Miami, Fl
"Paddle For A Purpose" with Danielle Knox