Bob Linfors

  • A founding member, original Castaway, and our forever Dutchman, Bob Linfors is a teacher at Christopher Columbus High School. 

  • He served as the team’s first Navigator, discovered the truth about Jones Lagoon and has a hankering for magical mangoes.

  • Bob was forced to take a summer off in 2005 when he endured his own personal battle with cancer.

  • If you want to know the hilarious tales of the early years, and learn more about that amazing personal journey, get yourself a copy of "On the Salty Water" by Bob Linfors.

  • Bob is married to an awesome wife, has three daughters and looks forward to returning to the ocean… someday!



Dave Isenberg

  • A legendary teacher at Columbus High School, Dave Isenberg joined OB, Bob Linfors and Patrick on the very first mission of the Castaways Against Cancer in 2000.

  • Having endured a challenging experience as caregiver to a loved one with cancer, Dave paddled like a Viking that summer. Upon completion of the grueling mission, Dave put the paddle down and, legend has it, never returned to a kayak again!

  • Dave, an Art teacher, is responsible for the very first team shirt, in which the t-shirt printer mistook Dave’s drawing of cattails… and had the kayaks on our shirts paddling through fields of wheat…

  • Dave continues to support the Castaways through efforts at Columbus High.



Chad Forbes

  • Joining the team in 2001, a friend of Patrick’s from Boy Scout summer camp and Jimmy Buffett concerts, Chad Forbes paddled many years with the Castaways, serving as the team’s first webmaster and pop-culture savant.

  • Chad was instrumental in the early years with event planning, internet communication and pizza ordering. Even though he’s known as “Sleepy,” El Chadio also has an infectious energy. While he had an incredible knack for falling asleep when the paddle stopped, he also could liven up the whole team with a screaming rendition of “Welcome to the Jungle.”

  • Chad continues to support the Castaways from his home in Jacksonville, where he lives with his wife and two sons.



Craig Engler

  • Craig Engler joined the team in 2003 and paddled through many missions with the Castaways Against Cancer. A graduate of FSU with El Chadio and a former NOAA scientist with a hearty laugh, Craig raised thousands in the fight against cancer.

  • His kayak was always stocked with goodies – huge reserves of water, snorkeling gear and even a kite. He survived political arguments with Recon and a wild ride with Tow Rope, but he nearly didn’t survive the “Seven Mile Bridge.”

  • Nearly losing it, dehydrated, sun-baked and exhausted, Craig earned his nickname, “The Pylon King,” while singing a song of his own creation. Paddling under and around the bridge, his song’s refrain was to the tune off “100-bottles of beer on the wall…”

  • When his family moved to Virginia, Craig took up arms with the Castaways’ sister cancer-fighting team out of North Carolina, Hope Floats NC. Craig continues to fight against cancer with a kayak, a paddle and an eager sense of adventure.



Jeff Croucher

  • Pank. The Sauce King of Miami. El Heffe.

  • Jeff Croucher, an enigma wrapped in a riddle, joined the team in 2003 after his sister endured a battle with cancer. Patrick’s life-long bestie weaseled his way in with a late-night, alcohol-induced phone call.

  • Jeff paddled with the Castaways for years and made an incredible mark on the team. The team’s second webmaster, Jeff utilized video production and photos to drive awareness and results. Jeff designed logos, wrote trip reports, helped with navigation, coached new team members, engaged the Conch Republic Navy and, well, drank a lot of wine. We are surely missing a few items, but Jeff helped shape the Castaways.

  • Jeff is fancy scientist who travels the world on ships and planes. He lives in Mississippi with his wife and family.



Scott Anderson

  • A long-time supporter and college friend of Chad’s and Craig’s, Scott Anderson was the team’s first successful transfer from Guest Paddler to Castaway.

  • Paddling as a full-fledged Castaway for about 5-years, Scott was instrumental in growing the team’s success and reach. A lawyer and a natural conversationalist, Scott made relationships stronger at every opportunity, resulting in stronger events and stronger results in the fight against cancer.

  • Just don’t try to get him to leave on time! Named “Delay,” this Castaway fully earned his official team name.

  • Delay, his wife and two daughters live in Gainesville and continue to support the Castaways.



Robert Keszey

  • A friend of Jeff’s and the star of the Discovery Channel series, the “Swamp Brothers,” Robert Keszey paddled with the team in the early 2010’s.

  • Having lost their mother to cancer, he and his brother Stephen, were valiant fighters, raising thousands and raising awareness.

  • Earning the name “Tow Rope” for getting an assist from a passing boat, Robbie made his mark by drinking quadruple espressos and telling stories about his years in the 1980’s, serving as the personal assistant to Poison’s C.C. DeVille!

  • Robbie, his wife and their family continue to support the Castaways and live in Bushnell.



Stephen Keszey

  • The aforementioned brother to Robbie, Stephen Keszey, paddled four tours with the Castaways, which is ironic, considering his Castaways name is “Cameo.”

  • A fan of Ohio State and the New York Mets, Stephen is the king of useless knowledge. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes and sports facts and crushes the competition in on-the-water sessions of the “Name Game.” His musical selection on the water is eclectic to stay the least. Deep cuts galore.

  • One of the funniest Castaways of all time, Stephen, his wife and their family live in Orlando and continue to support the Castaways.


Monica Woll

  • Monica Woll and her husband Frank are the owner-operators of Florida Bay Outfitters. In Key Largo, it’s the best paddle shop on the planet. Originally friends of OB’s, FBO have sponsored the team with kayaks and gear since the beginning.

  • A veteran of hiking the AT, Monica paddled with the team in 2008, becoming the first female Castaway to complete the mission. She paddled the rest of the team under the water and could’ve breezed to Cuba if she wanted!



Nick Woll

  • The previous year, Monica and Frank’s son, Nick paddled with the team. A senior in high school at the time, Nick was old enough… but too young to be exposed to sea hippies!

  • Nick paddled gracefully like his parents and with long locks, ala Captain Jack Sparrow, he was nicknamed “Sparrow.”



Heath Harwood

  • A friend and work colleague of Jeff’s, Heath Harwood paddled with the Castaways for two years in the late 2000’s.

  • Earning the nickname Creek because of a noisy rudder cable and a cool Southern drawl, Heath fit right in, paddling well, raising funds and having fun. He holds the honor of getting the first Castaways tattoo. He has the original logo tattooed on his arm.

  • Side note – the current total of Castaways tattoos stands at six.

  • Heath, his wife and their family live in Mississippi.



Chris Tart

  • Chris Tart is the Captain of Hope Floats NC, another team that paddles long-distances in support of the American Cancer Society. Each April, they paddle 200-miles over 8-days along the Neuse River in North Carolina.

  • Chris’ wife Kim is a cancer survivor, and when they dreamed up a kayaking adventure to fight cancer and started researching, they found the Castaways Against Cancer. We made fast friends and shared tips and tricks. Their first mission was in 2012.

  • Chris paddled as a Castaway in 2014 and earned the name “Boomer,” for his array of camera-arms sticking out from his kayak. Chris, Kim and their family live in Lillington, NC.




  • Castaways nickname: The Whizz

  • Years Paddled: 2014 - Don't Stop the Carnival Tour;2016 - Proof of Life Tour;2018 - Under the Bridge Tour

  • Team Role/Function: I help fundraise and usually give the guys a reason to crack a few jokes about me lol.

  • Conch Republic Navy Rank: Able Seaman

  • How did you become a Castaway? Through El Toro

  • Why are you a Castaway? Because 7 days of pain is worth the opportunity to honor those who have battled cancer.

  • Essential Gear: Radio for tunes and medical tape

  • Favorite Castaways moment: Thinking that my Castaways nickname‚ The Whizz, was strictly a reference to The Wizard of Oz. A few days later, I realized this was not the case...

  • Favorite Castaways quote: “There is no such thing as losing the battle.”

  • My Family: My family consists of my parents and my sister.

  • Where are you from? Cuba

  • Where'd you go to school? Florida International University

  • Where do you work? JP Morgan

  • Favorite music/artists: Favorite music includes rock. Some favorite artists include RHCP, John Mayer, Jack Johnson

  • Favorite movies/genre: I don’t have a favorite movie per se, but I do recommend Peaceful Warrior every now and then.

  • Favorite books : Books on the economy, business, etc.

  • Personal Fun Fact: I plan on traveling the United States in an RV someday.

  • How have I helped carry out the CAC mission of finding a cure and honoring those who have fought? I help fundraise by spreading the word about our team and cause and thinking of new ideas to reach our goal.